Build a concrete rental file to find the accommodation of your dreams

DossierFacile helps you build a high-quality digital rental
file to ensure you have the best possible results.

Build your rental file in three steps


I upload my documents

DossierFacile asks you for the necessary documents and just those!

  • Identity card
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of professional situation
  • Tax notice
  • Proof of resources


DossierFacile validates my file

Our agents check your file and help you correct it if necessary.


My file is ready to be sent

Your secure file as a URL link or in PDF format is ready to be sent to the owners.

Protect your personal information

With DossierFacile, no more identity papers scattered around the countryside!
Your documents are covered with watermarks to protect you against fraud by unscrupulous owners.

You can configure the opening of your folder link: you can delete it at any time!

Already 65 000 certified dossiers thanks to DossierFacile

Karim's file immediately stood out: it was the only file received that was complete!

Joseph, owner in Nantes

Simple, efficient and practical: it saved me a lot of time in my apartment search.

Caroline, student

I never managed to visit an apartment with my foreign file. With DossierFacile, I finally had more visits!

Irina, Erasmus student

They trust us